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Nadia shahril menon, an award winning internet personality based in Dubai is causing waves with her content creation.

“I am first and foremost a digital creator rather than an influencer,” explains Nadia when we asked her about how she advanced her career as an influencer. “Influencing happened naturally with the content. I am grateful to have an audience who appreciates the content I put out there,” she continued.

When asked about her thoughts on the emergence of AI she answered,” AI is not something that we as content creators should find daunting. I look at it as an advanced tool that can aid us in creating on another level and look forward to using it often.”

Nadia found her passion 4 years ago coincidentally when she downloaded social media platforms and posted her content for fun.
She then realized that being creative comes naturally to her and furthered her journey. There was no turning back after she pursued a career as an influencer. Nadia has won awards over the years as a recognition for her efforts and influence towards her audience.

Nadia Shahril plans to use her talent to push creative boundaries within the region and in turn engage in a wider audience in the years to come.


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